James Thorpe

James Thorpe is an associate professor of Graphic Design in the Department of Art. He teaches courses in 2D fundamentals, illustration and corporate -institutional identity. He specializes in poster design with an emphasis on social and cultural themes.

His works have been exhibited and included in collections in the United States, Belgium, Poland, France, Germany, Japan, Finland, Russia, China, Mexico and Israel.

Many of his works have been published in the professional journals of Graphis, NOVUM, Idea, Print, I.D. and Communication Arts.

He holds a M.F.A from the University of Maryland and has extensive undergraduate and graduate level academic advising experience in studio art and graphic design.


Courses offered:


email: jthorpe@umd.edu

office: m2313 Art/Soc Bldg.

office phone# 301-405-7788

James Thorpe


James Thorpe


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