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Digital Media

Courses in digital media focus on exposing students to the means in which digital technology can be brought to bear on fine arts practices.

The digital media area of study helps students examine ways in which contemporary artists use digital tools to create immersive and emergent artworks through the use of various software packages. In addition to learning pertinent software, students are encouraged to be aware of how digital artwork functions in the broader art context. Equally important to mastering technique is the application of those techniques to artwork that maintains a contemporary relevance.

New Media Lab in the Department of Art

The Electronic Media Center

The Electronic Media Center is a cutting-edge facility serving the digital media needs of students, staff and faculty of the Department of Art within the University of Maryland. The lab gives students access to advanced software and hardware allowing them to complete projects in creative coding, real-time graphics synthesis and processing, video editing, web design, sound production, interactive work and video installation. Courses taught in the lab focus not only on the technical skills necessary to create work digitally, but also look to give students the conceptual and formal knowledge to make work that is contemporary, compelling and relevant. The lab is adjacent to an 1,100 sq. ft. installation space that is wired for dual-channel projection, equipped with professional sound equipment with controlled lighting for performance and exhibition. Students have access to this installation space on an as-needed basis

CNC Router Cutting Text next to a Video Projection in a dark room

Digital Fabrication

The Department of Art also offers students access to emerging practices involved in the creation of physical objects from digital tools. Students have access to:

* 3D printers

* CNC milling machine (capable of cutting material up to 96" x 48")

*CNC Plasma cutter/engraver (capable of cutting material up to 96" x 48")

* Vinyl Cutter

* 60W laser cutting/engraving facilities.

Courses Offered in Digital Media

Art 255: “Digital Foundations”

This is a foundation level course, taken by all art studio majors which introduces the core concepts and fundamental techniques of digital media as they apply to art and design. Topics covered include image manipulation, time-based media and web development. 

Art 370: “Elements of Digital Media”

This intermediate course introduces students to the concepts and techniques involved in the use of computer code as a tool for art making. Projects involve digital printmaking, generative video installation and programming for interactivity. course website

Art 479A: “Code + Form”

This advanced level studio art course explores methods for the creation of physical objects from digital processes. Techniques involve rapid prototyping (3D printing) CNC milling, and laser cutting technologies. 

Art 479B: “Digital Video Production”

The primary focus of this course is video production. Aesthetics, theory and practical aspects will be examined in the context of short film/documentary production.

For a full list of courses currently being offered, please check the Testudo website.