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Print Media

The print media area of focus offers contemporary approaches to the core traditional practices of lithography, etching, screen printing and relief. 

Our program further explores the integration of digital processes and photomechanical techniques to push the boundaries of current printmaking aesthetic and practice. While building a foundation of technical skill, critical evaluation and problem-solving capabilities, students are encouraged to investigate ideas of mixed media hybrids and discuss the particular role it plays in the contemporary art world. Exposure to the work of contemporary artists through lectures, collaborative projects, trips, national conferences and exhibitions and print portfolios is a key component of the curriculum.

The spacious 5,000 square foot multilevel shop is well equipped to meet the demands of traditional, photographic and digital processes. Our state-of-the-art lab offers a productive and safe environment that fosters student collaboration and dialogue, growing community and free exchange of ideas between undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and visiting artists.


Digital Printmaking Lab

  • Epson 9900, 9800, 4800 & 2400 inkjet printers
  • Xantée Screenwriter 4 plate maker
  • Macintosh imaging workstations
  • Ability to make large-format photo positives for any process


  • Three 33 1/2" x 60" Takach lithography presses
  • 33 1/2" x 60" Griffin lithography press
  • Library of large, medium and small litho stones

Etching and Relief

  • 24" x 36" Takach etching press
  • 33 1/2" x 60" Takach etching press
  • 20" x 70" Charles Brand etching press
  • 40" x 70" American French Tool etching press
  • Ferric Chloride etching system


  • TMI Jaguar 3' x 4' Parallel lift, easy glide 1 Arm
  • Six ATMA manual vacuum presses
  • Washout booth that can hold up to a 44" x 54" screen
  • Nu-Arc Tri-light exposure unit, exposes up to 44" x 54" screens