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Graphic Design

The design concentration offered through UMD’s Department of Art allows students to engage with a vibrant design community in the nation’s capital. 

Located just a few miles from Washington, D.C., the University of Maryland is fortunate to take advantage of the extraordinary cultural and intellectual opportunities of a bustling political epicenter. UMD's design concentration plays an active role in this vibrant community by emphasizing design as an agent for positive change and a communication tool for social stewardship, civic and community engagement and responsibility. Socially relevant and location-specific curriculum, combined with an emphasis on fine art foundation skills and design fundamentals, define the program and set it apart from other programs within the state and across the country. 

Students collaborate with peers and faculty from other disciplines on campus as well as private sector businesses and nonprofit organizations. University of Maryland students have interned at major area organizations, including the Smithsonian Institution, the Kennedy Center, all major local television networks, USA Today, AOL, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, American Film Institute, Discovery Channel, the International Labor Rights Forum, America for the Arts, Very Special Arts and at many of the more than 5,000 national associations located in Washington, D.C. In addition to internships, students also team up with other organizations within the classroom; previous collaborations include the American Red Cross, Girl Scouts of the USA, Humane Society of the United States, National Organizers Alliance and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, among others. 

The design faculty members take an active role in advising students and helping them find courses campuswide that will help augment their humanistic and intellectual interests while allowing them to pursue their creative and professional goals. The faculty is committed to providing an educational experience that will produce dynamic leaders in the field of design.

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Graphic Design Scholarships

Courses Offered in Graphic Design

ARTT355: “Intermediate Graphic Design Principles” (Formerly ARTT350)

Investigation of basic concepts, history, techniques and materials used by professional graphic designers, focusing on typography. Explores various aspects of design related to typography through examination and production of many types of finished work.

ARTT356: “Graphic Design Processes” (Formerly ARTT351)

Explores prepress techniques for designers; computer file preparation, paper selection, separations, screen printing, thermography, variable data and finishes. Emphasis on concept-driven and community-based projects using type- and illustration-oriented processes. Includes printer tour and presentation from a paper representative.

ARTT386: “Experiential Learning” (Design Internship)

Individual Instruction course: To register, complete the Internship Permission Form and Confirmation Form. You will need the signatures of your internship supervisor and faculty. You will obtain section number when you have the faculty signature. Submit the two forms to the art department office: Jarica Nowlin to complete your registration.

ARTT454: “Advanced Graphic Design Principles: Design In Society”

Focus on social responsibility and community activism, history and theory of propaganda and advocacy-based design. Students explore current design practices, work individually and collaborate in teams with nonprofits or other clients with community-based or socio-cultural agendas. This is a research and writing-intensive course.

ARTT457: “Advanced Interactive Graphic Design”

Advanced concepts and techniques of interactive design and interactive software. Examination of corporate, client-based and public service-based interactive design strategies.

ARTT499: “Directed Studies in Graphic Design”

Advanced independent studies in graphic design. Meetings with faculty and studio time arranged.

For a full list of courses currently being offered, please check the Testudo website.

Graphic Design Concentration Academic Plan

First year

Semester 1 (Fall): Complete ARTT100 and ARTT110
Semester 2 (Spring): Complete ARTT150, ARTT200 and ARTH200

Second year

Semester 3 (Fall): Complete ARTT210, ARTT255, and ARTH201
Semester 4 (Spring): Complete two upper-level ARTT studio courses (ARTT3xx/ ARTT4xx)

Note: To graduate on time, students should apply to the graphic design concentration during the application round offered this semester.

Third year, if accepted into the concentration:

Semester 5 (Fall): Complete ARTT355 and ARTT356
Semester 6 (Spring): Complete ARTT357, ARTT361 and one upper-level ARTH or ARTT theory course

Fourth year

Semester 7 (Fall): Complete ARTT454 and one graphic design elective. Choose from: ARTT457, ARTT459A, ARTT488, ARTT499 or an internship (ARTT386)

Semester 8 (Spring): Complete ARTT455, ARTT 458 and one graphic design elective. Choose from: ARTT488, ARTT456, ARTT499 or an internship (ARTT386).

Contact the Director of Graphic Design

Antwon Key

Assistant Professor , Art

1211E Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building
College Park MD, 20742