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Finding Art In Changing Environment

March 12, 2020 Art

Cy Keener Maryland Today

Assistant professor communicates scientific findings in unique visual installations.

Big Ten Network Staff  | Maryland Today 

Assistant Professor of art Cy Keener has long worked at the intersection of science and art: He’s placed buoys in the ocean to monitor currents and has used sensors to track the movement of stones along a riverbed during flooding. Last year, he tackled the thinning of Arctic ice by placing sensors two meters deep in Alaskan ice and turning the data they sent about the ice’s waning thickness into an art exhibit in Rockville, Md., in which hanging strips of film corresponded to the daily evolution. Watch the video above to learn more about Keener’s work.

What happened when climate change disrupted Keener’s project to depict Arctic ice melting in real time? Read more about Cy Keener in Terp magazine.

Photo by Stephanie S. Cordle.